Why you Should Send a Dozen Roses


There are many flower types that can be considered beautiful and romantic, but roses have and will always be held with a lot of significance by many people.  Many flowers have a romantic history, with their sweet fragrances, silky soft textures, and their cheerful look.


Flowers can represent many emotions and especially on special occasions like Valentine day and Mother’s day.  They can create or renew deep sentiments that had faded from awareness to lift a person’s outlook.  Giving a dozen roses can send a strong signal about your feelings to the person receiving the flowers. When sending a dozen roses, all the twelve rose can be the same color, a mix of two contrasting or multicolored. When putting together in a bunch, the twelve roses form a beautiful bouquet.


Sending a particular number of roses has some meaning attached to it.   A single rose symbolizes simplicity while sending two roses joined shows engagement.  Sending a dozen of flowers shows the ultimate declaration of love. When they are dark red, it becomes more significant.  A dozen red roses are associated with romance. It is for this reason that many florists offer exceptional bouquets made of exactly twelve roses to send to your special one. If you want to stress your point more, you can send a few of the dozen roses’ bouquets.


Sending a dozen roses often comes with a special offer. Mother’s day roses that are bought in a dozen are cheaper than when you buy single roses. A Dozen Roses are traditionally bound together with a string covered with a cellophane sheet.  Buying a bouquet of dozen roses is easy as they are readily available at your local florist store or you can get them online. Whether you are buying one or a dozen, check to ensure that they are fresh, fragrant and appealing so as to convey your feelings appropriately. Adding a love note along with the bouquet enhances the beauty of the roses.


If you want a gift that you can give to your loved one on any special occasion like Mother’s Day, Valentine Day, Birthday,  and Anniversary,  a bouquet of dozen roses is appropriate.  Roses have over the decades been held with much worth as they are taken to symbolize love. Particularly the red rose has additional meanings corresponding to the number of stems that a person receives.  Be careful on the choice of color and stems that you give to ensure that you convey your feelings rightly.